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Spectrum Dynamix CEO, Russell Case said that the new product ranks as the undefeatable, anti-counterfeiting technology available to help manufacturers protect their brands.
Martel is the author of Mixed Messages, a personal account of the undefeatable power of love, and Kenney is the author of Captain Pike Found Alive which chronicles his odyssey as an iconic character in the original Star Trek series.
But the fact the New Zealand All Blacks are coming to town, the undefeatable world champions, all the (Wales) players have got really got nothing to lose now and they know they have to play with 100% effort because you go in with anything less than that and you will be on the back of a hiding.
If they set out homeward straight away, then--unless they had missed counting a day during the storm--they could still return to their families in time to celebrate the morning of the longest night of the year, the festival of the Undefeatable Sun.
Today the Zionist regime is no more the undefeatable monster of 30 years ago.
It must be a testament to the undefeatable and forever optimistic human spirit, or humanist spirit, that the Chinese could still find ways to laugh about their traumatic Cultural Revolution experience.
The English team, previously perceived as an insipid and gutless bunch of also-rans, learned the Australian dare-and-do approach and, without being overawed by the Australian image of the undefeatable, gave them a taste of their own medicine, putting them on the back foot by an assertive and positive brand of play.
The items on display reflect aspects of Mughniyeh's personality, such as "the destroyer of the myth of the undefeatable [Israeli] army," and displays some of his personal belongings, including objects from his office, his weapons and the clothes in which he was killed, said a Hizbullah statement.
No doubt the steadfastness of the resistance in Lebanon, ending the legend of the undefeatable Israeli army, has strengthened our belief that the end of the occupation is closer than ever," said Hail Abu Jabal, 62, a Druze political leader in the town of Majdal Shams who spent seven years in Israeli prisons for campaigning against Israel's hold on Golan.
Love is a way of defeating the undefeatable, a way of arresting time, of intimately knowing a place and finally knowing how to rediscover the gleam of one's past life.
In the first of those decisions, they assigned the protection of the Regency to the fast-thinking Phaestor and the undefeatable Dragon Guards.