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16, said the apology was simply that -- an apology.
The world today awaits new, bold and overdue apologies so the world's conscience can be at ease and so that the party issuing the apology can feel a sense of purification, not atonement.
The significance, he said, lay in the fact that the two sides agreed the apology to be "final and irrevocable.
As to the assessment of the meaningful relationship between type and number of the apology strategies employed and power and gender of the addressees, the research null hypotheses are given as:
Whether state law offers any protection varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and even where some degree of protection is offered, whether those protections apply depends on the content of the apology in question.
If extorting apologies were an interstate crime, the FBI's hands would be full fighting the crime wave spawned by the apology mafia.
The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police visited the MP at his offices in his constituency to personally deliver the apology.
Aboriginal and non-aboriginal Anglicans paid tribute to Peers, saying that his apology paved the way for healing and See of ACIP, said the apology delivered by Peers was "sincere, honest, humble [and] heartfelt.
However, Hizbollah's statement rejecting this news was interesting because, rather than denying everything, they clarified that their delegation to the Arab States Broadcasting Union had made the apology "without referring to the party leadership".
LONDON - The Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah said that the apology voiced by two of its mouthpieces -- Al-Manar television and Al-Nour Radio -- for their coverage of the events in Bahrain was made without prior consultation with the party leadership.
Estrada, a graft-tainted ex-president who was elected mayor of Manila in May, will go to Hong Kong this week to present the apology in the form of a resolution passed by the city council, a city official said.
Honestly speaking, the apology was supposed to be made by the parties that launched the war, not by the government on their behalf.