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Focusing on the 1799 two-book Prelude, Otto reads Wordsworth's "spots of time" as moments when the subject loses confidence in the connection between perceptual forms and the external world, disclosing the essentially fictive nature of "external reality" and positing an embodied experience constituted through virtuality, which Otto defines as "open-ended, unstructured potential" (231, 15).
BEIRUT: Renowned mathematician Michael Atiyah touted the practical benefits of his field during a lecture at the American University of Beirut (AUB) on Monday, arguing that it is more useful than philosophy in terms of explaining the relationship between the external world and the human mind.
to a time when the ego had not yet marked itself off sharply from the external world and from other people" (236).
The concept of "spiritual progress" yields to early modern concerns for the concrete realities of the external world.
The emergence of the Worker's Party of Brazil in the world stage shows how internal change can have a great impact on the external world.
All companies recognize the importance of doing the right thing, and trying to regain some trust and confidence from the external world, from customers in the markets and, by and large, companies are marching along shoulder to shoulder on this.
Possibly, indeed probably, for some readers Romantic literature is the origin of their 'strong interest' in descriptions of the external world and even perhaps their 'environmentalist thought', but let us not make the mistake of thinking such interest sprang into being in the Romantic period.
Teenage participants reported that they left the leadership camp feeling as though they had developed stronger leadership skills and could move from camp to the external world with confidence and effectiveness.
Gyrokinesis, in turn, she believes, offers what she calls an engaged meditation with the external world through pulse and flow.
Particular patterns of responses are learned from the external world (external stimuli).
The narrator takes advantage of this scene in order to make an observation: one of complete rapture, where the relevance of the external world is irrelevant.
Virtual reality provides an environment, in which learners use virtual artifacts to interpret the external world, reflect on their interpretations, negotiate meanings, and collaboratively construct knowledge.