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A reflexive manager may also work to change the external world for the greater good, directing the belief and value systems, attitudes, and interests of others in the wider organisation and business community.
The essay provides a new interpretation of Fichte's deduction of the external world that considers the argument to be motivated not by epistemic concerns but by concerns about the possibility of freedom.
If Iran were to allow the international investigators in, this would be sufficient to convince the external world that it is indeed not working on obtaining nuclear weapons.
Multiplying Worlds provides intriguing and innovative readings of a wide range of literary texts, staged entertainments, visual displays, and public spaces, suggesting the evolution of a mode of self-conscious perception in which observers become aware of the fluidity of spatial and temporal boundaries and of their active role in shaping the external world through the process of seeing and interpreting.
threatens to undermine most of our ordinary epistemic paradigms concerning the day-to-day management of belief, and also the status of our best scientific theories as methodological paradigms, at least on the assumption that those theories purport to describe elements of the external world.
External nature could mean an object in the external world, and as such, natural objects project, via sensation, their nature onto the perceiving subject.
Human vision is a curious sense, providing the brain with information about the external world, but not interpreting it.
He started to change the economic/political state-oriented rules that served to isolate Turkey from the external world.
During the meeting, al-Aysari gave a briefing on SQHCCS, its assignments and activities particularly those pertaining to arts and culture, as well as the SQHCCS pioneering role and its openness to the external world.
Filtered through the characters' perceptions ("white teeth, bright for their anointed beaus"), each detail simultaneously delivers both the external world and the characters' inner lives.
I believe that the brain during sleep is not at all totally detached from the external world, and stimuli, including those stemming from the environment, are probably incorporated into dream content more often than people observe or are aware of.
They were briefed on the recommendations to hold talks on cultural relations with the external world, including the European Union countries.