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The last straw was the celebration of the Assumption on August 15, attended by 83,000 pilgrims of whom only 3,000 were Orthodox, the rest Catholics.
This was like the last straw for people," said Kathy J.
Pesticides have been a factor, but the mites were clearly and definitively the last straw in causing this population collapse.
The Australian hoaxers may well have been the last straw to a troubled mind, but the primary cause of her suicide?
BUSINESS NEWS 4-12 The last straw FurtherRoyal Mail strikes could be the last straw for small businesses whose cash flowhas already been eateninto by the recession, according to a local business body.
The debacle at Dundee United, when Romanov told first team coach Graham Rix the team that would play at Tannadice, was the last straw for Andy Webster, Craig Gordon and Paul Hartley.
For many, myself included, this Wayne Rooney situation is the last straw for us.
The last straw came for the footballer when a bogus story announcing his death was posted on a Glasgow Rangers website.
THE last straw on a night of surprises for punters came when Missile Toe won the finale at 20-1 for Dave Morris and Jamie Mackay.
This was the last straw in a series of differences which were temporarily settled by allowing FE to become "a church within a church.