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The question, "What is the purpose of life?" is logically invalid.
Napoleon Hill was always possessed by the purpose of life and the need to take action for its fulfilment.
This strikingly resembles the terminology of the early church in the New Testament where Christians call one another 'brothers' and 'sisters' That said, one is left wondering as to what exactly is the purpose of life on earth.
In that schema the purpose of life was certain, however obscure the project itself.
* More than 90 per cent of people across the country say they question "the purpose of life;" one in four Canadians say the question of life's purpose "troubles them a fair amount."
is a guide to clues that ancient deities have left behind as a "trail of breadcrumbs" to such profound questions as the riddle of creation, and the purpose of life itself.
Epicurus, the founder of the school of pleasure named after him, agreed with Aristotle that the soul is not immortal, and thus seemed to be more logical in saying that the purpose of life is not moral goodness but pleasure.
In the face of the certainty of death, the purpose of life can seem an enigma.
So when Americans say they believe that religion is a force for good and we need more of it, they may only be using definition one--that having beliefs about the purpose of life and some moral code is needed if we are to get along together on this earth.
There are four of them, in Werner's summary: "reality is determined by image and anecdote"; "the purpose of life is to make a lot of money"; "violence is the core of American, that is to say male, identity"; and "the world is divided into 'us' and 'them.' "It is at least an interesting argument that finds in the triumph of these "rules" a fertile so urce ground for the most anti-social excesses of the 'eighties gangstas.
The goal is nothing less than to occupy your entire cranium, where ads will drive out all those economically useless musings about the purpose of life and replace them with an endless tape saying, "Now with calcium ...
"I'm intrigued with things like the purpose of life."