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SEWER. Properly a trench artificially made for the purpose of carrying water into the sea, river, or some other place of reception. Public sewers are, in general, made at the public expense. Crabb, R. P. Sec. 113.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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After the new pump station is constructed, work on the sewers extending from the pump station will begin.
But to use the money, voters in Babylon, Great River, and Mastic/Shirley will be asked to approve the sewer expansion in a scheduled January 2019 referendum.
Private sewers are not defined within the legislation but the Government's written ministerial statement dated September 6, 2010, states that "private sewers serve more than one property so ownership is shared and usually a large extent of the sewer will lie outside a property's own boundary".
That way the city can know if rainwater gets into the sewer system.
The sewers have been specifically designed with escape overflow pipes so that the mixture of sewage and stormwater doesn't back up into buildings, including homes.
The Commons Public Accounts committee says in a report that when the sewers fail the consequences can be very damaging, especially when homes are flooded internally with sewage.
For the CIPP portions of the contract, workers will use water pressure to insert a flexible liner inside the sewers from an existing manhole.
If you are not yet aware of groundwater contamination, but are concerned that a nearby user may be dumping hazardous substances into the sewers, placing your property at risk, make the sewage system aware of your concern, in writing.
Working from manholes, workers will use pressure to insert a flexible liner inside the sewers. Once in place, the liner will then be heated and cured into a structurally sound pipe-within-a-pipe with a life span comparable to that of a new sewer.