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SULTAN. The title of the Turkish sovereign and other Mahometan princes.

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If the Sultan was to order me to plunge a dagger in your heart, I should have to obey.
But the maiden absolutely refused to attend to her father's words, and at length, in despair, the grand-vizir was obliged to give way, and went sadly to the palace to tell the Sultan that the following evening he would bring him Scheherazade.
So the Sultan told the grand-vizir he might bring his daughter as soon as he liked.
She thanked her father warmly for yielding to her wishes, and, seeing him still bowed down with grief, told him that she hoped he would never repent having allowed her to marry the Sultan.
My father is going to take me to the palace to celebrate my marriage with the Sultan.
When the usual hour arrived the grand-vizir conducted Scheherazade to the palace, and left her alone with the Sultan, who bade her raise her veil and was amazed at her beauty.
Scheherazade did not answer her sister, but turned to the Sultan.
On the death of the sultan, they were to be buried alive with him, so as to occupy and divert his mind during the period of eternal solitude.
Ferguson, taking in the whole scene at a rapid glance, approached the wooden couch on which the sultan lay reclining.
The sultan stirred, and, for a dead body that had given no sign whatever of life for several hours previously, this symptom was received with a tremendous repetition of shouts and cries in the doctor's honor.
Had the sultan unluckily perished in the hands of his celestial physician?
In the cable, King Abdullah expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation for His Majesty the Sultan's fraternal feelings and best wishes, praying to Allah the Almighty to protect His Majesty the Sultan and grant him good health and well-being to achieve aspirations of progress, welfare and prosperity for the Omani people.