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Summary: Move over Bond, it's all about the Wild West for 007
Wild West Fest is a joint partnership between Boot Hill Casino & Resort, the Wild West Heritage Foundation and the Roundup Rodeo that showcases the legendary history of Dodge City's past and still celebrates the present day cowboys through the Kansas Pro Rodeo Finals also scheduled for this weekend.
The Wild West and Medicine Shows were an entertainment staple in America during the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Explaining how the Wild West and its characters came to capture his imagination, Meade said yesterday: "It started a few years ago and has just taken off.
Saturday morning will start with the Wild West Days parade and will be followed by events such as the Fire Fighters Chili Challenge, the ACMSA Mounted Shooters Competition, “Gundown by Sundown,” horse demos, the Triple R Horse Rescue Auction, and a live performance by Rodney Atkins.
Gallagher, a journalist and member of the Colorado Historical Society and the Wild West History Association, culls facts from tall tales of the fortune-seekers and their battles with Indians, Confederates, each other, and frontier law.
The Wild West High Diving Show features a team of hugely experienced athletes from across Europe who will be diving each day from heights of up to 25 metres into an eight-metre-wide pool of water which is just two metres deep.
A VALLEYS park was turned into the Wild West recently as 500 children donned fancy dress for a summer play scheme challenge.
Combining a lively writing style and thorough archival research, Reddin--Professor of History at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado--credits Catlin with pioneering the wild west show in order to champion the "vanishing" American Indian.
The Wild West "Co-Pilot" -- a short, handy, Marlin 1895 in .
Wild mustangs--descended from horses of explorers, Native Americans, and pioneers--are symbols of the Wild West.
A trade unionist is travelling to the Wild West to trace descendants of Native American tribes who visited his home town in the 19th century.