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There is a well-documented story, which I have included in a guide to Dylan's Swansea, about when he was sacked from a Swansea Little Theatre play partly because of The Antelope.
But in "A Bright New Boise" - the Oregon Contemporary Theatre play that previews today, opens Friday and runs through Jan.
Famous humorist Anwar Maqsood will lead the nation to another revolutionary sitin instead he will present his satirical take on the issue through this theatre play, said Dawar while talking to media persons.
KARACHI -- Thespianz Theatre has finalised all arrangements to stage a social musical theatre play, focussed on health requirements of masses at Hyderabad, Tando Muhammad Khan, Sheikh Bhirkio and Pir Jhando respectively.
In the autumn there will be a re-staging of her 1975 BBC Monday Night Theatre play According to the Regulations in Llanelli to commemorate the centenary of the town's horrific Railway Strike of 1911.
LAHORE, June 18 -- The Punjabi poetic theatre play titled 'Madhu Laal Hussain' was staged at the Alhamra Arts Council on Thursday, amid applause and appreciation from the audience.
It will be the first theatre play in the new auditorium at the Convention Centre.
On 29 November the winners of the following categories will be announced: Television comedy/light entertainment; television drama series; television soap/continuing series; best feature film screenplay; feature film screenplay - newcomer; best theatre play; best theatre play for children & young people; radio comedy/light entertainment; radio drama & video games.
A TEESSIDE film-maker is searching for actors to audition for a new theatre play called Monster Bash, set to tour the North-east.
A THEATRE play which pokes ridicule at the controversial ID card scheme is coming to Tyneside.
The Lyric Theatre play coincides with the announcement last week that the Armed Forces Bill is to be amended to grant posthumous pardons to the 306 British soldiers executed during the Great War.
Junior Youth Theatre play looking at myths and legends.

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