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Baillargeon and Nestler (39) postulated the former view as the cultured theca cells from PCOS women secrete more androgen upon insulin stimulation compared to normal cells.
Tumors of the specialized gonadal stroma in human male patients: androblastoma, Sertoli cell tumor, granulosa theca cell tumor of the testis, and gonadal stromal tumor.
The increased LH successively promotes theca cell androgens production, while the relative FSH deficiency interferes with granulosa cell aromatization to estrogens and impairs follicle maturation and ovulation (7).
After incubation, the theca cells were stored at -20[degrees]C.
Larner, "Decreased myoinositol to chiro-inositol (M/C) ratios and increased M/C epimerase activity in PCOS theca cells demonstrate increased insulin sensitivity compared to controls," Endocrine Journal, vol.
Augmented androgen production is a stable steroidogenic phenotype of propagated theca cells from polycystic ovaries.
The creation of an artificial ovary marks the first time researchers have successfully created a three-dimensional environment that contains the three main types of ovarian cells: theca cells, granulose cells, and the eggs or oocytes.
For this work, the researchers started with theca cells, which form the outer coating of the follicle that holds the egg and produces a precursor to oestrogen.
During the antral phase, both the granulosa and theca cells proliferate, but there is little if any change in the size of the oocyte.