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In addition, the appropriate statute for theft of property should also be included in the list of charges.
Several former and current government officials from Bong County were recently indicted on multiple charges of corruption, ranging from theft of property to fraud and criminal conspiracy by the Ministry of Justice.
Henry also was charged in May in Little Rock District Court with felony theft of property, a charge stemming from the missing $25,000.
Conway was charged with theft of property and aggravated assault for his actions.
This logic will be applied by defence counsel in any case of shoplifting of food, benefit over-claims or straight theft of property to excuse the offence.
The suspects have been charged with third-degree burglary and second-degree theft of property. The Wyatt family is hoping that the other items stolen from their home will be recovered as well.
DD/175/14 - Theft of property from the display at the Gap Outlet, Royal Quays on Wednesday, May 21
Miss Little appeared in court earlier this month and blamed personal problems on the theft of property from a Huddersfield shop.
Lisa Spacey, aged 34, of Golf Drive, Whitestone, Nuneaton, breach of conditional discharge, theft of property worth pounds 240.66 from Tesco Arena, theft of spirits worth pounds 66 from Morrisons, possession of cannabis resin, six months' imprisonment.
The ensuing two-year investigation looked at the theft of property worth pounds 30m by a criminal network operating in south-east London.
POLICE may ask Prince William for information as part of their probe into the alleged theft of property belonging to Princess Diana.
A fair trial of the pending civil action, in which Mr Rowland is suing over the alleged theft of property from the box at Harrods, would be impossible if the defendants could not make full statements for fear that they would "fuel" police investigations.