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The United supporters groaned when they discovered that Craig Thomson would be in charge of the game as he was the official who controversially chalked off Barry Robson's goal against Barcelona and then awarded the Spanish giants a last-minute penalty kick at Tannadice during their 1-0 glamour pre-season friendly defeat.
If the theological controversies plaguing the Catholic Church can be mapped onto the monarchy of the Lancastrian line, then we might find a secular attempt at transubstantiation in the effort of King Henry and the Prince to "transform" or to reform: an erasure of the reality so that the transcendent mystery of divine right may stand in its place.
then" statements, the master plan for renewal and realignment is preached by Isaiah.
If you don't have access to a blender then just use your hands to bring it together.
Her first words on War Brides, Curran's introduction to the world, come from a song called "Scattered and Small" and are strangely already posthumous: "I was so alive, I can only look back." This, of all things, at the start, words from the talking dead: beginnings containing their endings, nows resurrecting their thens. Time--as both fact and as concept--is truly of the essence for Curran, and, respecting its mystery, she doesn't quite know what to make of it--other than art.
(9) Vejam-se os sentidos coevos dos termos mutton e laced mutton, tal como apontados por Jane Mills: "Em 1518, o poeta ingles T udor, John Skelton, usava cordeiro para significar uma prostituta, no sentido de 'comida para a luxuria': 'And from thens to the halfe street, To get us some freshe mete.
When B lies to Gayus regarding his long acquaintance with A (the audience knows that A and B encounter each other as strangers at the beginning of the play), he does so by vouching that: "he and I dwelt many a feyre day / In one scole, and yet I wot well / From thens he bare never away / The worth of halfe penny that I can tell" (1.664-65).
Ross rose to fame playing ex-army 'ard man Grant Mitchell in EastEnders for over a decade, and would probably win the award for the most fight-provoking 'Come on thens!' ever delivered by an actor.
(2) When [Effect.sub.1] = Permit and [Effect.sub.2] = Permit, thens [Effect.sub.1] = [Effect.sub.2].
Thens of thousands of people of various nationalities were held there in such appalling conditions that an estimated 33,000 prisoners died there during the war--even though Terezin was not an extermination camp, as such.
" Jo had thought of retiring this year, but instead is setting her sights on the 2016 Olympics after representing Britain at the last fourydney in 2000, thens " Jo had thought of retiring this year, but instead is setting her sights on the 2016 Olympics after representing Britain at the last four Olympic games - Sydney in 2000, Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008 and ALondon in 2012.