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THEOCRACY. A species of government which claims to be immediately directed by God.
     2. La religion qui, dans l'antiquite, s'associa souvent au despotisms, pour regner. par son bras ou a son ombrage, a quelquefois tents de regner seule. Clest ce qu'elle appelait le regne de Dieu, la thiocratie. Matter, De l'influence des Moeurs sur les lois, et de l'influence dos Lois sur les moeurs, 189. Religion, which in former times, frequently associated itself with despotism, to reign, by its power, or under its shadow, has sometimes attempted to reign alone, and this she has called the reign of God, theocracy.

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With excellent graphics and atmospheric music, Theocracy makes an excellent impression.
Oman is on excellent terms with Iran's theocracy and it is not opposed to Tehran's Syria peace proposal).
Other clients of Iran's theocracy in the region such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip and the Zaidi Shi'ites of the Houthi clan in Yemen - do not require very large cash infusions from Tehran.
But most of them are not armed and are in contact with both the Assad regime and Iran's theocracy.
But President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, whose second and final term ends in August 2013, belongs to a nationalist current which wants the theocracy to end.
And the theocracy sees its legitimacy at home and abroad bound to a high turn-out in the June 14 election.
Assad's Shi'ite regime is the most vital element of Iran's axis, providing Tehran with sectarian and geo-strategic bridges for the theocracy to reach its Lebanese Shi'ite unit Hizbullah and key allies in the Mediterranean, as well as other parts of the GME.
But the author has failed to verify the existence of an American theocracy, at least insofar as theocracy is incompatible with popular rule.
Though they are united in their hatred of America, when the common enemy has left they may not celebrate long before turning on the Kurds in the north and then on each other in a bloody civil war over who will define the borders and nature of the new theocracy in Iraq.
lawmakers are worried that Iraq may eventually become an Islamic theocracy.
12-13,) in Nigeria and elsewhere, the Muslim fundamentalist world wishes to affirm first and foremost the option of a Muslim theocracy.
This "law", regarding all branches of Shi'ism as non-Muslim "heretics" condemned to death, still does not apply to Iran which is a Shi'ite theocracy because his ISIS is not yet ready to move against his sponsor - Iran's co-ruling Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its external arm the Quds Force (IRGC/QF - see how this sponsorship came about in a chronology of ISIS-IRGC/QF related events since super-terrorist Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi fled from Afghanistan to Iran in late 2001 in ood6OpecIsis29Jun15).