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20) that leaves this reader trying to fathom the basis of this statement that seems to confuse Aristotelean categories with what is clearly a concept Aristotle finds implausible, especially on the basis of his refutation of the theory of ideas.
And, to discredit the theory of ideas, McCulloch appeals to phenomenology.
It contains some criticism of Plato's theory of Ideas.
There is no plausible understanding of the going empiricist theory of ideas (namely Locke's) that allows one to achieve a conception of mind-independent objects by an abstraction from ideas of mind-dependent objects.
Plato's third eye," according to an ancient anecdote, was an eye Plato dreamt he had grown after he had discovered the theory of ideas.
4, 5), and the rest of the book is an attempt to remove misunderstandings of Malebranche's theory of ideas.
These philosophers share not a sophisticated theory of ideas, but, with the exception of Berkeley, a belief in metaphysical realism and a real which can be known as it actually exists.
d'Hoine opens the first section with an examination of the gradual systematization of four central problems with the theory of ideas as portrayed by Proclus, Syrianus, and other commentators on Plato's Parmenides: whether and why they exist; of what they are; how they are participated; and what their nature is (pp.