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She said: "Given the great variation in the acceptable level of dosage and on the basis of my examination the level found could be within the range of therapeutic dose.
4) Therapeutic doses of colchicine have resulted in severe toxicity in patients with hepatic or renal dysfunction.
In the absence of effect from drug (drugs) prescription in a median therapeutic dose to the treatment scheme the next drug from other pharmacological classes was added.
A total of 30 mild adverse events were reported in 13 subjects: 5 in the Defibrotide therapeutic dose arm, 3 in the Defibrotide supra-therapeutic dose arm, 9 in the placebo arm, and 13 in the moxifloxacin arm.
2 microgrammes of the anti-depressant drug Trazadone but that was just within the therapeutic dose, said Mr Brown.
This raises questions as to whether the study's conclusions were a result of the failure to use enough energy for a therapeutic dose.
At up to $20 a day for a therapeutic dose, it doesn't come cheap.
rGBM: In the Phase 2 study in rGBM patients, 12 months survival was 54% in patients who were treated with VB-111 through progression, including an rGBM patient who remains alive with complete response after 38 months, compared to 23% of patients who had limited exposure of a therapeutic dose of VB-111.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 18, 2015-United States FDA approves Actavis' lower therapeutic dose of VIIBRYD
In this brief study, there was no increase in liver toxicity among alcoholic patients given the maximal therapeutic dose of acetaminophen.
Resten-NG in the therapeutic dose arm demonstrated statistically significant efficacy in preventing restenosis determined by both quantitative angiography and intravascular ultrasound compared with a control arm and a subtherapeutic dose arm.

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