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If you're a fan of Wonderbras and those creepy chicken fillet thingies, listen up - there's a new product on the market that promises bigger boobs without surgery.
Alone in the Dark,'' however, turns out to be some video-game-derived horror in which the actors fight zombies, Alien-Predator-Bad-Armadillo type thingies and cheesy dialogue.
Seriously compact and looking very much like one of those scanner thingies off a Star Trek movie set, the SD multi-camera is capable of taking both still and moving digital images but has other very neat functions bolted on.
You bet she's packing nonsense in her designer luggage--like bikinis, razors, fancy moisturizers and those weird eyelash thingies.
The big bosses at Artforum asked for an annotated list of the ten best art thingies of the '90s, and that's exactly what they're gonna get.
It's the same pellet-like thingies, but with sugar instead of artificial sweetener.
Which is a bit like buying one of those green tree air freshener thingies in response to your partner driving home in a new Porsche.