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"Anybody can think different that wants to, but those are my sentiments."
Some authorities think different, but mostly it's considered best to kill them -- except some that you bring to the cave here, and keep them till they're ransomed."
You think different just about the time you're all in.
It is vital for researchers to think different for sustainability which is one of the key ideas of this Journal.
They are not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo.' Trump and Khan shake the system and 'think different' from those that came before them.
I am reminded of Apple's wildly successful "Think Different" advertising campaign.
He is a match-winner, but sometimes the team management think different, what matters is what team management wants."
When IBM debuted the first tablet computer in 1992, the name ThinkPad was no coincidence--nor, many say, was Apple's retort of "Think Different."
And while we're talking about rethinking Apple's approach to mergers and acquisitions, there's also an opportunity for Apple to think different with its retail stores.
"Different yes, I think different, and a very difficult match for us because we are going to play against a good team in a good moment, in a good run of results, without accumulation of matches because they are playing Europa League.
Outgoing tourism chief Katrina Michel says the outlook for the Alice in Wonderland county is bright if it continues to "think big, think different".
In 1997, Jobs became CEO once again and introduced a new marketing strategy with a new slogan: Think Different. Apple released sleeker Mac computers, music devices, and the popular iPhone which took the world by storm.