Third parties

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THIRD PARTIES. This term includes all persons who are not parties to the contract, agreement or instrument of writing, by which their interest in the thing conveyed is sought to be affected. 1 N. S. 384. See also 2 L. R. 425 6 M. R. 528.
     2. But it is difficult to give a very definite idea of third persons, for sometimes those who are not parties to the contract, but who represent the rights of the original parties, as executors, are not to be considered third person. See Duverg. tome 16, n. 34, 35, 36, et idem, tome 17, n. 190; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1335, et seq.

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Carefully selecting and monitoring third parties can significantly reduce the risk of improper payments.
The creation of state-issued ballots, with state rules for who could appear on them (rules designed by the two major parties for their benefit), helped destroy vital third parties by making it expensive--often prohibitively so--for them even to be on the ballot.
Discussion: Direct students to the list on page 11 of the reforms first proposed by third parties.
3) Provides a method for consumers to prevent a financial institution from disclosing that information to most nonaffiliated third parties by "opting out" of that disclosure, subject to the exceptions in sections 216.
Understandably, third parties have argued that interest should be included as part of the 25%.
Sgroe continues, "This supports a recent TowerGroup survey which projected a compounded annual growth rate of over 60 per cent for CLS third parties.
Risk factors related to the subject matter of this press release include the possibility that ATG will not continue support or development of any of the third-party application servers; that such third parties will not cooperate with ATG in the future; that customers will experience difficulties implementing or deploying ATG applications on third-party application servers; and the risks and costs associated with intellectual property infringement litigation.
By using PayMode to make payments to more of our vendors and third parties, we will streamline our accounts payable process and, therefore, better serve our clients.
For new product and service offerings that are dependent in whole or in part on third parties, those third parties face similar risks in their development efforts, and we may have little or no control over their development efforts.
This cookie thwarts profiling third party ad servers while enabling advertisers and agencies to manage their campaigns more precisely and protect the user data from being lifted by these third parties.
Durant said "Third party housing agents using our system also serve the growing number of planners who demand the reliability and portability available only through the Passkey-enabled standard," he said, "and, through these third parties, we're bringing the Passkey-enabled standard to more meetings and more CVBs than ever.
We've received several requests from customers and third parties to open up our language, emphasizing the impact the language has made on the market.