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Augustine and Thomas Hobbes were concerned was about "I the King" only with disregard to the centrality of the people and their dignified livelihood welfare.
The reductive-analytical method for understanding social and political matters was most popular with Thomas Hobbes, the 16th century English philosopher who has been history's foremost materialist.
Thomas Hobbes, Human Nature and De Corpore Politico (J.
1) Thomas Hobbes, Leviatan o la materia, forma y poder de un Estado eclesiastico y civil, trad.
The author has made a strong and persuasive effort in unearthing heretofore neglected elements pertaining to time in the writings of Rene Descartes and Thomas Hobbes.
Although in many ways an exact contrast to the Jesuits, Thomas Hobbes, philosopher and mathematician of the 1600s, also opposed infinitesimals for much the same reason.
She traces the various discourses on the relation between the political and natural spheres from the influences of ancient and medieval political thought on early modern writers to the debates between and amongst scholastic Catholic political thinkers, Protestant Aristotelians, and others, highlighting the often radical departures from earlier traditions in the thought of Hugo Grotius and especially Thomas Hobbes.
Thomas Hobbes planteo en El Leviatan--figura alegorica del antiguo testamento biblico--que el hombre tiene maldad, envidia y panico, por ello es conveniente la articulacion del Estado como ente que regula, limita para disenar certeza, acaso sea por miedo.
Massie can tell a good yarn and has a lightness of touch: note his recalling how the great philosopher Thomas Hobbes stopped teaching the second Duke of Buckingham when he observed him masturbating during a geometry lesson (222).
From Thomas Hobbes to Adam Smith Hiroshi MIZUTA, M.
Historian Quentin Skinner's latest book deals with the notion of political liberty in the thought of Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679).