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Following his sensational performance against Thompson, Smith returned to the Manchester Arena two months later to make the first defence against Mancunian Jimmy Kelly on the undercard of Billy Joe Saunders's world title showdown with Andy Lee.
Front row, left-right: Privates Thompson, Smith, L/Cpls Robinson, Haddleton, Cpl Dixon, Lt Norman, Sgt Helm MM, Cpl Thompson, L/Cpl Smith, Privates Piggins, Hardcastle.
CHESTERFIELD: Lee, Hurst, Ford, Thompson, Smith, Talbot, Allott Moussa (Randall 81), Mendy, Bowery (Boden 87) Lester (Westcarr 37).
Subs: Burch, Lee, Thompson, Smith, Gobern, Gow, Spicer.
Leamington (from): Morris, Walker, Sidwell, Gregory, S Thompson, B Adams, Morgan, Early, J Adams, Blake, R Adams, Nicholls, Howell, Anderson, Tank, M Thompson, Smith.
CELTIC - Hedman, Valgaeren, Varga, Crainey, McNamara, Lennon, Thompson, Smith, Guppy, Larsson, Sutton.
Substitutes: Kennedy, Boyd, Valgaeren, Sylla, Guppy, McNamara, Thompson, Smith, Fernandez, Sutton.
Liverpool CMS Football League IN the Liverpool CMS League, Strand United confirmed superiority as they beat LHFC 6-1 thanks to the efforts of Kieran Thompson (2), Gerard Thompson, Smith (2) and Rooney.
Rugby Lions: from Hyde, Saunders, Tassell, Steyn, Hands, Amor, Turner, Edwards, Reed, Shadbolt, Greenbury, Smith, Dunn, Harding, Collier, Field, Innes, Thompson, Smith, Muckalt, Wingham.
But after the win, which came courtesy of Dundee United's Steven Thompson, Smith spoke of his fears for Celtic's Burchill and Ibrox ace Wilson, who were both in his starting line-up.
Thornberry (2) and Smith scored for Dengo Utd who beat The View (Thompson, Smith) 3-2.