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I think that's what makes it more interesting for me, is that the guy who grew up in Lebanon is bringing old school English thrash metal influences to the mix, and the guy from Iran loves funk, and he's the one who's doing all the funk on the album.
Regarded for over three decades as one of the four pioneers of the thrash metal genre, alongside US contemporaries Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica, Megadeth has nurtured unstinting worldwide admiration for the individual technical proficiency and virtuosity of its members.
Icon, while thrash metal band Slayer won the Legend award.
Welcome To The Terrordome was taken at speed, with Chuck D's powerhouse delivery over the top of its loping funk, while Bring The Noise was simply huge and warped into the Anthrax version with thrash metal guitars.
He was born in Babylon, New York on 14 July 1965 and formed the thrash metal band Rigor Mortis in 1983.
I know someone who plays fiddle in an old-time band and electric guitar in a thrash metal band; he says the only difference is the volume.
Meanwhile, a thrash metal fan has problems with his beloved guitar in the midst of a relocation to New York.
Rock and heavy metal may seem like a young man's game, but thrash metal veterans Megadeth are in town this weekend to prove the old ones are still the best.
They do not change radically from one play to the next - you will not suddenly stumble across a thrash metal incarnation, for example.
The band has played shows in the UAE and India and are looking to bring their unique brand of thrash metal back to Bahrain.
Standing with her thrash metal band boyfriend was Kim Cunningham, a 19-year-old from Stoneham.
Anthrax @ Coal Exchange, Cardiff (Tuesday) * BIG of Bermuda shorts and heavy of riffs, New York's finest thrash metal band are back and rocking it vintage style-e.