Threats from police

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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

First I would like to give a short description of what had happened before asking the question, then it would be more understandable. We live in an apartment building and one night approx. around 4:30am our neighbor was blasting extremely loud music that kept me and my wife up along with our 14 year old daughter and we had just gotten our 2 month old baby to sleep and was wakened up. The cops sneaked in and heard the loud music and knocked on there door and they thought it was us and started cursing. They were given 20 minutes to stop. After the police left they made threats and jumping on the floor really hard which is our ceiling and did damage. The cops came back again and they would not answer the door so they were cited for disorderly conduct by registered mail. Now this is what the problem is; a few days later our landlord came in yelling and jumping down our throats for calling the cops and told us that if we called the cops again we would be evicted and also told me that I'm not allowed to be on my personal pc during the night and he told me what I'm allowed and not allowed to have as a photo set as wallpaper on my pc, and told us the neighbor is allowed to do whatever they want day or night because they "WORK". My question is I know what the landlord is doing to us is breaking our Constitutional Rights, So what steps can we take to have action taken against our landlord or who can we contact to get help on this matter? Cause we have low income and can not afford an attorney.


You may file a complaint at your nearest dept of housing office...
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Despite continuous threats from police and cable companies, the illegal hookups are so prevalent that ratings firm Time Ibope includes estimated pirate viewership when measuring the chilean TV audience.
He was sentenced to life in prison, but witnesses have since claimed that they lied at his trial after threats from police.