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GRACE. That which a person is not entitled to by law, but which is extended to him as a favor; a pardon, for example, is an act of grace. There are- certain days allowed to a payer of a promissory note or bill of exchange, beyond the time which appears on its face, which are called days of grace. (q. v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On another night, just over one year ago, I was unfortunate enough to witness, from my living room, a couple having sex on the roof, overlooking the Three Graces."
Beautifully appointed, the kitchen has windows to three elevations with views of the river and Three Graces, granite worktops and integrated appliances including an electric hob, electric oven, microwave and combi oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher.
Share a selection of Three Graces artwork from the past.
In the Three Graces performance in the Ice Factory Festival, the band acts as a chorus for and with the characters, a group of tavern musicians that will underscore what happens on stage.
I'm putting cheekpieces on him for the first time to keep his concentration." Saeed Bin Suroor, trainer of Three Graces "I was very pleased with his last run at Chester, and although this is a Listed race, his recent win has boosted his confidence.
Three Graces was just the second Godolphin-trained winner in the past two weeks and their only other runner, Fibou, was out of the money at Nottingham.
At the center of the painting, through the mediation of Eros and Venus (Ficino's Venus Humanitas, who arouses passion but also converts it into contemplation), the transformation moves on to the Three Graces. The Graces, an ancient symbol of liberality (Aglaia who gives, Euphrosyne who receives, Thalia who returns), in the most properly platonic sense, allude to the relationship between the divine element and the human.
caption Grace note:Scotland's Director of National Galleries Mr Timothy Clifford stands in front of The Three Graces, which has been found to have a hairline crack.
Four significant focal points emerge: the meaning of the Three Graces in natural philosophy, in ethics, as a panegyric, and in the philosophy of the arts.
The Pier Head escaped relatively unscathed with the Three Graces - the Liver, Cunard and Port of Liverpool buildings - all emerging intact.
Passengers will be expected to board at Mann Island, where the cruise will then take them past the Three Graces into Princes Dock, then through Salisbury and Collingwood Docks, continuing to Stanley Dock before returning back to the start.
After a changeover, Centaurus (McEvoy) stayed on well to take control in his work with Double Deputy and Afrikanus.Afrashad continues his build up to a comeback and enjoyed a good blow with the recent Chester course record breaker Three Graces as they went through their paces in fine style.