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noun endeavor, enterprise, episode, experience, exploit, happening, happenstance, quest, undertaking, venture
Associated concepts: detour and adventure


verb chance, endanger, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, risk, run the risk, stake, take a chance, venture
See also: bet, enterprise, event, experience, transaction, undertaking, venture

ADVENTURE, bill of. A writing signed by a merchant, to testify that the goods shipped on board a certain vessel are at the venture of another person, he himself being answerable only for the produce. Techn. Dict.

ADVENTURE, crim. law. See Misadventure.

ADVENTURE, mer. law. Goods sent abroad under the care of a supercargo, to be disposed of to the best advantage for the benefit of his employers, is called an adventure.

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SCORES of thrill seeking students descended on a theme park today in a bid to set a new world roller coaster record -wearing nothing but their smiles.
McCarty's fascination is always with what might be called (pace Adrienne Rich's old theoretical chestnut) a lesbian continuum of erotic thrill seeking and aggression: Her subjects are usually victims and/or perpetrators of violence between women.
The author suggests that getting a T-type kid into climbing could turn thrill seeking into a positive.