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Another finding was that if a woman had diabetes, her relative risk of thrombotic stroke was 2.
In addition, patients with acute thrombotic stroke who are taking heparin should be assayed for the presence of heparin autoantibodies.
Benefits of the mild degree of anti-coagulation obtained with a regular low dose of aspirin are, however, well proven for those who have already had one coronary thrombotic heart attack, thrombotic stroke or transient ischaemic attack.
A: T-PA is a clot bluster, and it is useful in thrombotic stroke if given early enough.
Thrombotic stroke generally occurs during sleep; signs and symptoms are often present when the person arises in the morning.
People with coronary artery disease, a narrowed carotid artery, or a history of thrombotic stroke are especially urged to consider daily aspirin usage.