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The electronic throttle body is a ACDelco[R], Model 2173429, that uses a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for measuring angle of the throttle plate.
Spray the front and then the back of the throttle plate with the spray cleaner.
You will discern in Figures 3A and 3B (on the next page) a small ball joint that is part of a throttle assembly near the throttle plate.
The rate at which the model introduces air into the intake manifold can be expressed as the product of two functions--one, an empirical function of the throttle plate angle only and the other, a function of the atmospheric and manifold pressures.
The electronic throttle control works with the electronically controlled transmission by adjusting throttle plate movement to tailor torque to the timing of each shift.
The integrated design consists of a Flowgrid body with housing module and the Flowgrid, throttle plate, spacer, diaphragm, main spring and spring case mounted on top.
In addition, the pressure in the manifold varies with flow since the throttle plate position does not vary on a cylinder-to-cylinder basis.
In all gasoline engines, energy is consumed drawing the air needed for combustion past a partially closed throttle plate.