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Thanks to the thugs, many families have left the island and those "single" people who have remained to continue their work have little time for a smallish dog when they are out all day.
Lochend have vowed on their Facebook page to identify the thugs.
The thug then reaches down and picks up a set of Porsche car keys, a Louis Vuitton wallet and a Gucci bag he claims belonged to Amir.
Ever since the eruption of the revolution, the latter thugs who were falsely dubbed journalists have been spreading rumors and promoting lies serving the regime, during each and every interview on Syrian or Iranian satellite channels.
Apparently the identities of these thugs are known to inhabitants of the area who would co-operate with the security agency to get rid of them.
the thug got down and started attacking the protesters again; consequently the
The women were screamed at, dragged around the shop and threatened with a knife as the thugs demanded they open the safe.
COMMUNITY Service is too good for these three thugs.
The thugs, in their late teens or early twenties, were disturbed by a taxi driver who stopped.
They called me thug and hoodlum, but they never told you what we were really all about.
What they didn't know was that one of the key thugs was being secretly taped by police.
A gang of young thugs launched an unprovoked attack on an 11-year-old and his sister.