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Thika West Police Commander Willy Simba accused victims of frustrating their efforts in apprehending the thugs by failing to report the incidents to the station.
The victim was assaulted by the thug, who is reportedly linked to Wayne and Alan "Fatpuss" Bradley, after a dispute erupted outside a house.
But I hardly entered the room when Tale stormed the meeting with large number of armed had thugs who came with cutlasses, knives and guns.
To defeat the Islamist thugs of our time, we can use the detection and detention used by Capt.
Republican House speaker Paul Ryan's spokesperson found fault with Putin and his whole nation, even adding an adjective: "Russia is a global menace led by adevious thug.
According to Laha Magazine, Bushra stated: "While filming the scenes of 'Tuffahit Adam' at one of the villas in New Egypt, the cast & crew and I were attacked by a thug with a previous criminal record; he threw a Molotov bomb at us.
Perhaps a water cannon could douse the thugs with vile stink-water so they couldn't wait to get out of their clothes, particularly as the stench remains for some time afterwards, no doubt to the chagrin of friends and family.
Al-Ahram reported on Monday afternoon that the Ministry of Interior deployed forces to "liberate Al-Ayyat from thugs.
It happened when thugs blocked the road with burning tyres and a patrol jeep was caught in the middle of it," said sources.
It's just a pity a small minority of thugs tried to spoil it for everyone else.
Tehran : Iranian police wounded five armed thugs in a rare shootout in Tehran, local media reported on Monday, quoting a senior police officer.
About a month ago, I wrote an article headlined: Thugs in the Gulf States, in which I called on the Gulf countries that have been adopting positions in support of the Syrian people since the eruption of the revolution, to be cautious about the presence of thugs in the Gulf capitals, playing hypocritical roles to defend criminal regimes and reaching the point of disregarding the massacres committed by Al-Assad's thugs.