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WEEK. Seven days of time.
     2. The week commences immediately after twelve o'clock, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and ends at twelve o'clock, seven days of twenty-four hours each thereafter.
     3. The first day of the week is called Sunday; (q.v.) the second, Monday; the third, Tuesday; the, fourth, Wednesday; the fifth, Thursday; the sixth, Friday; and the seventh, Saturday. Vide 4 Pet. S. C. Rep. 361.

References in classic literature ?
Not only does she maliciously depress me by walking past on ordinary days, but I have discovered that every Thursday from two to three she stands afar off, gazing hopelessly at the romantic post-office where she and he shall meet no more.
It was a wet Thursday, and from the window where I was writing letters I saw the forlorn soul taking up her position at the top of the street: in a blast of fury I rose with the one letter I had completed, meaning to write the others in my chambers.
Whatever had been their quarrel he was as anxious to make it up as she, and perhaps he had been here every Thursday while she was round the corner in Pall Mall, each watching the post-office for an apparition.
On the following Thursday he visited divers art editors.
Seven of these in all he visited on that black Thursday, and each of the seven rubbed the surface of the painting with a grimy thumb, snorted, and dismissed him.
The next Thursday I went again to Richmond--I suppose I was one of the Time Traveller's most constant guests--and, arriving late, found four or five men already assembled in his drawing-room.
The Comte de Wardes of Thursday and the D'Artagnan of today are the same person.
Lane Community College - Closed Thursday through Sunday
Maundy Thursday, April 13, and Good Friday, April 14 are regular holidays in the Philippines, while Black Saturday (April 15) is a special nonworking holiday.
Much has been made of the noticeably poor quality of play during games in the 2016 NFL season, specifically, contests played on Thursday night.
The working hours of the Referral Management and Booking System Office are 7am-6pm from Sunday to Thursday, but less number of staff will be on duty before 8am and after noon.