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In Tibetan medicine as in Tibetan Buddhism, oral transmission (lung) of important texts holds a special importance in establishing a direct link between the listener and the text's originator, and is one of the three essential methods of instruction and training (dbang lung khrid gsum: empowerment, transmission, and instruction).
He also has impressive academic credentials, with a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences, training in Tibetan medicine and a doctorate in biocultural anthropology currently under way.
The bhotia brought their customs and knowledge to the area, including the system of Tibetan medicine -- a 1,200-year-old practice employing physical diagnosis, natural medicines and spiritual guidance to treat and heal a variety of illnesses and diseases.
Therefore both of them will be analysed below, it being understood that for each example given I will indicate whether it is a popular or a Tibetan medicine designation.
Padma Basic (known in Europe as Padma 28) is an herbal formula of 20 plant-based ingredients based on traditional Tibetan medicine.