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SYMBOL. A sign; a token; a representation of one thing by another.
     2. A symbolical delivery is equivalent, in many cases, in its legal effects, to actual delivery; as, for example, the delivery of the keys of a warehouse in which goods are deposited, is a delivery sufficient to transfer the property. 1 Atk. 171; 5 John. 335; 2 T. R. 462; 7 T. R. 71; 2 Campb. 243; 1 East, R. 194; 3 Caines, 182; 1 Esp. 598; 3 B. & C. 423.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Effective 9 September 2019, the company's new ticker symbol will change to 'VOLT' from 'VISI'.
Both the corporate name change and ticker symbol change are expected to be effective with the opening of trading on 20 August 2019.
Trading under the new ticker symbol will start at market opening on July 13, 2018.
As a result, we will have the same ticker symbol on both the TSX in Toronto, as well as on Nasdaq in New York City.
Pittsburgh, PA, December 21, 2015 --(, a free online stock market community, is pleased to announce the addition of 3,090 stock market message boards all listed with stock ticker symbols. The 3,090 stock message boards allow users to stay updated on the latest stock market news and activity.
Outstanding stock certificates are not affected by the ticker symbol change and will not need to be exchanged.
The change in name and ticker symbol is intended to align the company's corporate identity with that of its primary luxury brand, Belmond.
Many companies share the same, or similar, names, and many ticker symbols can be misleading, too.
Bermuda-based North Atlantic Drilling, now a subsidiary of Oslo-listed oilservice company Seadrill Ltd (OSL:SDRL), has got the ticker symbol NADL.
Insurance House has officially launched its operations and listed its shares on ADX under the ticker symbol EoACAyIH' earlier last month.
The first trading day of Rieter shares exdividend (ticker symbol RIEN unchanged) on the SIX Swiss Exchange without the Automotive Systems business.
BioGold Fuels Corporation has changed its ticker symbol from CBVA to BIFC.