Ticket for marijuana

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Country: United States of America
State: New York

I recently received a ticket for possession of marijuana. I was driving down the road and I got pulled over because I had stickers in my back window and an air freshener hanging from my rear-view mirror. The cop walked up and started talking to me. He said he smelled weed in the car and started questioning me. I told him that there was a pipe in the car in my backpack, so he got it. he then put me in the back of the police car and went to questing the other passengers in my car. He gave me a ticket for possession of marijuana and for having the stickers and the air freshener. My question is this, is there anything I can do to like, make it better for me. Or do I basically have to accept it and just got and pay it. Basically, do I have any options. Also, the newspapers around here have a police blotter and the post the names of people charged with things of this nature. Do I have a choice in this? Like, can I request my name not being in it?


You cannot preven tthe paper from printing it--you could go to court and argue that you had nothing illegal--he would have to prove why he charged you.
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