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TIEL. An old manner of spelling tel. Such as nul tiel record, no such record.

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a privately owned company with offices in Bornem, Belgium and Tiel, the Netherlands.
Our new facility consists of an office, a yard, a workshop, and a painting shop," explained Victor van Tiel, senior sales manager at PVE Cranes.
Baby Kurien, ICBF's vice-president thanked Nautyal for attending the event as the Chief Guest, Claus Tiel, head of club for providing the venue, sound and lighting, associations Bharathi, Arang and ICBF's Al Khor representative Vishal Mehta for their help in conducting the programme and the audience and committee members of ICBF for their support.
At Resources, our goal is to hire people with TIEL - talent, integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty.
Tiel Smith was promoted to vice president land and regional operations.
Students appealed to Government of South Sudan MPs and Ministers, particularly: humanitarian affairs minister, James Kok Ruei, minister of parliamentary affairs, Makuei Lueth, information minister, Marial Benjamin, interior minister, Gier Chaung Aloung, Philip Thon Leek, Malek Alier, Deng Dau, Deng Tiel Ayuen to help them of what they described as "harsh conditions".
The closing ceremony was attended by Garry Looker, COO (Finance), Qatargas, Klaus Tiel, head of clubs and recreation, AKC and senior members of the community.
According to Atuot cosmo-logy, the tiel gets his power from God:
Tiel, the dungeon master, tells Abby that she looks like a half-elf.
Gus Van Tiel, of Youth Against Drugs, said: "We now have the ridiculous situation where people will be getting even more stoned than they did before because they'll be smoking neat cannabis.
After going almost a decade without a new fragrance introduction, Vicky Tiel is making up for lost time with a trio of new scents inspired by French fashion.
Kylie Minogue, who performed last night, dazzled on the red carpet in a sparkly, black vintage Vicky Tiel dress.