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TIERCE, measures. A liquid measure containing the third part of a pipe, or forty-two gallons.

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La biografia de Merritt Tierce revela algo que no tendria por que inquietar pues la literatura sera siempre, en mayor o minimo grado, autobiografica: al igual que Marie, una protagonista que no conquista la jerarquia de "heroina", Tierce fue madre adolescente y soltera, y camarera durante diez anos, tras graduarse del instituto a los diecinueve anos, lo cual significa, saliendo de la high school.
Si certains preferent le jeu de cartes (Ronda, Dos et Rami) ou le billard, en mettant en jeu la consommation du cafe et du the que le perdant d'une partie doit regler, d'autres choisissent de jouer au tierce, quarte et quinte qui semblent plus lucratifs.
Un rendez-vous important pour les Bearnais s'ils veulent retrouver le tierce de tete, qu'ils ont quitte en raison d'une inquietante baisse de regime.
The exotic pools like the Quinte+, Quarte, Tierce and Multi paid out around [euro]10.
Rome, Rajab 15, 1433, Jun 5, 2012, SPA -- Italy's Foreign Minister Julio Tierce met here today with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius, currently on a visit to Italy.
SPORTING LIFE: Team Terrific Tomatoes give a winning cheer front Bethany Swaine with left to right Charlotte Bawn, Jodie Ounsley, Shona Spence, Tierce Halmshaw, Jack Boothroyd, Evan Cuncliffe, Mia Ress (PC300610Cschool-02)
The Tierce of this article, however, is an ultra-premium dry Riesling, collaboratively produced in the Finger Lakes region of New York by three wineries, Anthony Road Wine Co.
Cathy Helen Wardle's study moves criticism of Hyvrard 'beyond' the potentially reductive label of ecriture feminine, instead exploring How Hyvrard's (inter)textual repetition and transformation may be seen to rewrite reductive binary oppositions and creatively open up the realm of what Hyvrard calls la tierce pensee.
Alcatel has integrated data security into its wireless LAN products to provide secure, seamless user access from wireless and wired LANs" says Patrick Tierce, security and network infrastructure manager for the Kansas Department of Transportation.
They won a couple of Tierce races with him and you have to be tough to win those.
The books were Helene Guisan's La Tierce Presence (The Third Presence), Philippe Lobstein's Les Silences de M L'Inspecteur (The Inspector's quiet moments), Paul Gundersen's Incorrigibly Independent and Paul Tournier's A Listening Ear.