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TIERCE, measures. A liquid measure containing the third part of a pipe, or forty-two gallons.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Tierce's pacey prose pulls you right along with her.
Si certains preferent le jeu de cartes (Ronda, Dos et Rami) ou le billard, en mettant en jeu la consommation du cafe et du the que le perdant d'une partie doit regler, d'autres choisissent de jouer au tierce, quarte et quinte qui semblent plus lucratifs.
Khartoum ,24 Mars (SUNA) - Le President de la Republique appele marechal Omer Al-Bashir appele au developpement du secteur agricole et de l'elevage en achevement de politiques visant a reduire le role du gouvernement , et d'elargir le role du secteur prive dans la mise en oeuvre du programme , et d'examiner la gestion des projets agricoles a entrer une tierce partie dans la premiere phase et l'introduction mixte pour l'exportation.
Tierce, or Pop, as family and friends called him, bought the franchise while the space race was in full throttle with the former Soviet Union.
The battle was so tierce that opposing troops on the tennis court (a key point) engaged each other with grenades.
Un rendez-vous important pour les Bearnais s'ils veulent retrouver le tierce de tete, qu'ils ont quitte en raison d'une inquietante baisse de regime.
The exotic pools like the Quinte+, Quarte, Tierce and Multi paid out around [euro]10.75 million on the Arc.
Rome, Rajab 15, 1433, Jun 5, 2012, SPA -- Italy's Foreign Minister Julio Tierce met here today with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius, currently on a visit to Italy.
SATURDAY BANGOR: 12.10 Peddlers Cross, 12.45 Titeuf De Tierce, 1.20 Wolf Moon, 1.55 Grove Pride, 2.25 The Weatherman, 3.00 Johns Spirit, 3.35 Fortuna Rose.
* SPORTING LIFE: Team Terrific Tomatoes give a winning cheer front Bethany Swaine with left to right Charlotte Bawn, Jodie Ounsley, Shona Spence, Tierce Halmshaw, Jack Boothroyd, Evan Cuncliffe, Mia Ress (PC300610Cschool-02)
Just what is a tierce? My dictionary defines it as several things--the third of seven canonical hours; the time of day set aside for prayer, usually the third hour after sunrise; a former measure of liquid capacity, equal to a third of a pipe, or 42 gallons; and a sequence of three cards of the same suit.