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TIERCE, measures. A liquid measure containing the third part of a pipe, or forty-two gallons.

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Wiesenthal demonstrates, however, that these themes were tempered by Pat's tierce desire to learn as much as she could about current events and scientific advances.
Alcatel has integrated data security into its wireless LAN products to provide secure, seamless user access from wireless and wired LANs" says Patrick Tierce, security and network infrastructure manager for the Kansas Department of Transportation.
And French racing will also honour Best Mate by renaming Sunday's Tierce Handicap at Auteuil's new winter jumps festival as the Prix Best Mate.
This might become a tierce competition between local literature and world literature.
Competition is tierce especially among those serving regular flights in short distant routes like Lion Air, Star Air, Bayu Air, Adam Air, etc.
Kosovo was the last installment of the struggle between Serbia, a tierce but politically retarded country, and a rich but unquiet West (p.
XCI in 1991, and unleashed a tierce dispute about fundamental editorial principles.
They won a couple of Tierce races with him and you have to be tough to win those.
The books were Helene Guisan's La Tierce Presence (The Third Presence), Philippe Lobstein's Les Silences de M L'Inspecteur (The Inspector's quiet moments), Paul Gundersen's Incorrigibly Independent and Paul Tournier's A Listening Ear.
47) At least 1,086 casks of six different sizes (in order of size from the smallest to the largest: keg, half-barrel, barrel, tierce, hogshead and puncheon) were listed in the outgoing manifest.
Ce tierce bien compose constituera a mon humble avis le triple le mieux approprie de ce prix Merdja, support au pari Quarte Quinte qui s'adresse aux chevaux de 3 ans et plus Arabe Nes et Eleves en Algerie, n'ayant totalise la somme de 201.
SUNA)- Le president du secteur des relations exterieures au Parti du Congres National (PCN), Dr Al Dirdiri Mohammad Ahmad a souligne le souci du gouvernement d'assurer le succes de la ronde de negociation avec le secteur du Nord, soulignant que le dialogue sera limite seulement au secteur ou a ses representant, niant que la negociation ne comprend pas une tierce partie s'appelle un rassemblement des experts.