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After various tilt table treatments, the patient was able to participate with breathing and therapeutic exercises.
He was also an active member of the Irish Elders Centre in Coventry, a group which was also influential in the campaign for his new tilt table.
In Sydney hospitals, a common intervention for preventing dorsiflexion contractures is standing on a tilt table with a wedge under the affected foot so that the ankle is in maximum dorsiflexion (Bohannon and Larkin 1985).
The Trendelenburg position requires a tilt table in order to place the head in the down position.
Other diagnostic tests to consider include MRI, laboratory tests, cardiovascular testing, ambulatory EKG, and tilt table testing.
Patients who initially had difficulty identifying their prodrome were helped by using tilt table testing to induce vasovagal episodes.
However, the current study used a single leg stance of the tilt table, clinically quite an aggressive protocol, which would clearly have effected torques much greater than those shown to achieve maximal range of dorsiflexion range in both normals and hypertonic individuals.
Direct Supply's Hi-Lo Wheelchair-Accessible Tilt Table from Hausmann is electrically operated for quick, smooth height and tilt control.
Key words: Blood pressure, camphor, crataegus berry extract, hypotension, orthostatic hypotension, tilt table, total peripheral resistance
Phase II included the automatic mold closing machine, the vertical pattern storage system, the mold storage, pouring and cooling lines, the tilt table for loading the shakeout deck, and the manipulator.