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On the plus side, the tilt table test allows clinicians to reproduce symptoms in a controlled environment.
Clinical findings as predictors of positivity of head-up tilt table test in neurocardiogenic syncope.
2002) tested this procedure by recruiting 21 participants predisposed to vasovagal syncope, and subjecting them to a tilt table test while they performed the applied tension maneuver.
Recent articles discussed the safety and rationale for using the tilt table as an intervention in the acute stroke population, listing benefits of improved orthostatic hypotension, improved vigilance, as well as reduced motor impairment by prevention of long-term spasticity and improved strength.
Vehicle test and development specialist Millbrook has added three new facilities to its Bedfordshire site, including electromagnetic shaker technology, increased off-road gradient and advanced tilt table capabilities.
In 2003 they put me on a tilt table to try to create the symptoms and I actually had a cardiac arrest," she said.
Strickberger agreed, however, that tilt table testing is rarely used today, and that electrophysiology testing of syncope patients has also dropped.
A tilt table test was used to assess autonomic function immediately before the first treatment and immediately after the last treatment.
Jack O'Neill, of Gutteridge Avenue, Keresley, touched the hearts of Telegraph readers when they read his tilt table had been stolen.