Timber trees

TIMBER TREES. According to Blackstone, oak, ash, elm, and such other trees as are commonly used for building, are considered timber. 2 Comm. 28. But it has been contended, arguendo, that to make it timber, the trees must be felled and severed from the stock. 6 Mod. 23 Stark on Slander, 79. Vide 12 Johns. R. 239; 2 Suppl. to Ves. jr.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Adele, look at that field." We were now outside Thornfield gates, and bowling lightly along the smooth road to Millcote, where the dust was well laid by the thunderstorm, and, where the low hedges and lofty timber trees on each side glistened green and rain- refreshed.
Tropical timber trees comprise another wildlife market of high commercial value.
It makes the coastal less-productive land productive by building mounds and ditches so that fruits, vegetables and timber trees can be grown, and fish can be farmed.
In the single origin collection, some cacao beans are grown in areas near timber trees, which produces a woodsy flavor.
He advised Estate Care, Farm Management and Forestry Departments of the University to grow such fruit and timber trees which are suitable in local climatic conditions and perform better in high temperature and water scarcity.
Yet behind that optimistic statement were hard lessons: loggers were unwilling to cut cull trees; the 1954 hurricane made jackstraws of many stands; valuable timber trees take 70-100 years to grow, and of the 965 acres, 405 were on steep slopes, shallow soils, or swampy land unsuitable for timber production.
They suggested, as so many forestry books do, the spreading trees were like wolves, preying on forest resources and preventing the growth of smaller, marketable timber trees. Like wolves, they advised, pasture trees in the forest should be culled.
The standards were not felled until they became timber trees, ensuring that all woods across England, including the royal forests, maintained a minimum number of mature trees suitable for the navy at any time.
Low-tree layer: semi-dwarf varieties of fruit trees or other smaller food producing or timber trees.