Timber trees

TIMBER TREES. According to Blackstone, oak, ash, elm, and such other trees as are commonly used for building, are considered timber. 2 Comm. 28. But it has been contended, arguendo, that to make it timber, the trees must be felled and severed from the stock. 6 Mod. 23 Stark on Slander, 79. Vide 12 Johns. R. 239; 2 Suppl. to Ves. jr.

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We were now outside Thornfield gates, and bowling lightly along the smooth road to Millcote, where the dust was well laid by the thunderstorm, and, where the low hedges and lofty timber trees on each side glistened green and rain- refreshed.
Description : The project aims to establish new sustainable forest plantations and to improve the management and standing volume of existing plantations, with a focus on rare species and high-quality timber trees.
The standards were not felled until they became timber trees, ensuring that all woods across England, including the royal forests, maintained a minimum number of mature trees suitable for the navy at any time.
They suggested, as so many forestry books do, the spreading trees were like wolves, preying on forest resources and preventing the growth of smaller, marketable timber trees.
No one until now has linked the idea that fungal rot of timber trees, a production problem in commercial forestry, might also present a problem for greenhouse gas and climate change mitigation," said Mark Bradford, a co-author and Assistant Professor of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology at F&ES.
The timber trees which have been damaged or died are being replaced with the same species.
Peroba rosa is one of the most commercially important timber trees of Brazil, with uses that range from the utilitarian to the decidedly upscale.
Native fruit and timber trees are being planted on slopes formerly used for rice farming.
neither harvested nor exploited Brazil's high-quality timber trees, but annihilated them" (p.
Although the biocontrol is not good enough to produce timber trees Anagnostakis says, "At the very least, we will be able to maintain American trees as nut-bearing populations.
The winter garden is an enclosed grove of academe, its roof carried on abstracted timber trees over terraces that fall down the hillside like a huge flight of wide steps - the sort you find in some eighteenth-century landscape gardens.