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Specifically, altered body image, altered time sense, altered perception, and altered meaning ratings differed significantly between the high and low CP factor groups.
The Evil alternative, F(4, 117) = 3.85, p = .006, of the human nature orientation and two of the alternatives of the time sense orientation--Present, F(4, 117) = 3.02, p = .02, and Future, F(4, 117) = 3.06, p = .02--were significantly predicted by racial identity attitudes.
The professor added: "Using it while driving wouldn't be advisable because of how it affects a person's time sense.
It may have seemed cruel at the time and there was certainly little that could console the England players at the final whistle, having come so close - in a time sense at least - to making it through the group stage.
"Persons who experience pain ordinarily live in a contracted or constricted time sense. Minutes seem like hours when one is hurting.