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Doing so reduces the number of locks on pages containing rows that are accessed but not required, thereby reducing timeouts and deadlocks.
Sharapova further said that medical timeouts never really bothered her.
the results of the serve), time between serves, total timeouts for each team, and the velocity of each serve.
Bielema took a timeout to see if the officials would review the play, but was told that the play was not reviewable.
As practiced in many hospitals, the surgical TIMEOUT consists of the circulating nurse reading aloud the name of the patient, the planned surgical procedure(s) and operative site(s), any pertinent allergies and an ever growing list of items to be checked off immediately prior to the initiation of surgery.
Timeout is defined as "the withdrawal of the opportunity to earn positive reinforcement or the loss of positive reinforcers for a specified time, contingent upon the occurrence of a behavior; the effect to reduce the future probability of that behavior" (Cooper, Heron, Heward, 2007, p.
Chaminade of West Hills coach Ed Croson said he completely understood the rationale of both coaches and had no problem with what transpired except maybe the near-brawl that broke out during a television timeout.
In an administrative appeal to a hearing officer, she also complained of "inappropriate reliance upon timeouts and physical restraints.
Companies must consider what educational programs best support their objectives, when they should take timeouts for training and when it's time to get back into the game.
The purpose of this study was to determine which states currently have established policies or guidelines concerning the use of timeouts in educational settings, and determine whether these policies contained key elements which had been previously identified as important.
Timeout (see below) might not work because of a lack of praise and other reinforcers in the child's time-in setting.
Many teams think that you spike the ball whenever you want to call timeout but do not have one.