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30 also mandate that the court adjust the child support amount based on a child's substantial time-sharing with a parent as provided in either a parenting plan, court-ordered timesharing schedule, or when there is a substantial time-sharing arrangement exercised by agreement of the parents.
The pattern of owner's ambivalence in being hypothetically proactive in acting on their satisfaction extended to the proclivity of owners to recommend timesharing to others.
These qualifications suggested that individuals needed to be aware of the costs and that timesharing is only feasible if owners actually use their intervals.
Developers are increasingly capitalizing on the symbiotic relationship between timesharing and other types of development, including hotel and residential mixed-use or golf, lake and ski resorts, as well as local attractions.
The latest findings continue to demonstrate that timesharing with its affordability, convenience, and flexibility makes good sense as the vacation of choice for families all over the world.
Resort timesharing has existed in Mexico since the early 1970s.
Fry says he's been interested in publishing a book about timesharing since launching Career Press in 1985.
One and a half million more households are likely to own timesharing in the next few years.
South Seas adds significant depth to our Resorts Division at both the senior and mid-management levels in traditional resort operations as well as in condominium management and timesharing.
The Resort, with a secluded beach, built in 1991, is permitted for timesharing and the development of an additional 90 rooms.