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DICTATOR, civil law. A Magistrate at Rome invested with absolute power. His authority over the lives and fortunes of the citizens was without bounds. His office continued but for six months. Hist. de la Jur. h.t.; Dig. l, 2, 18; Id. 1, 1, 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mr Davies dismissed that allegation, telling the Western Mail yesterday: "The allegation is based on Carwyn's perception that he's some tin-pot dictator from an Eastern European country, which is the sort of rhetoric they used to use 20-30 years ago in the Communist era, when people pointed out the failings of the Communist system.
Bush was able to justify his action to the American people by convincing a majority that Iraq's Saddam Hussein was behind the September 11 al-Qaeda attacks on the United States, and that America's security was directly threatened by a tin-pot dictator who had neither an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction nor the means of delivering them to our territory.
That prompted a vicious reaction from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who branded Johnson a "tin-pot dictator".
And packing Parliament with unelected Tory crony Brexit peers, while sidelining elected MPs of all parties, would be the authoritarian arrogance of tin-pot dictator.
The Parliamentary Crimes Investigation Unit of the prosecutor's office launched the investigation against after the CHP leader called Erdoy-an a "tin-pot dictator" during speeches at the opening of the CHP congress on Jan.
Gove, who strikes me as a bit of a tin-pot dictator, wants to re-introduce something similar to the old style O-level and CSE system which condemned many children to a second-class education and limited chances for social mobility.
The fact that the world's largest and most powerful air armada has been unable to force the capitulation of a tin-pot dictator after four months should be a news story in itself.
On arriving at Heathrow airport, in the UK capital, Galloway said: "It's always been a badge of honour to be deported by a tin-pot dictator and that's what happened this morning.
As for the Great Leader Gordon waving our cheque book at the Third World, will this money be squandered on guns, drugs and fancy lifestyles for every tin-pot dictator out there?
It would be an international free-for-all with every tin-pot dictator the world over seeing the climb-down as a green light for them to kill and terrorise at will.
He said: "There is now one forensic accountant working in the principal law enforcement regulatory body in this country," adding: "It's enough to make the tin-pot dictator of a banana republic blush."
18 into Kylycdaroy-lu for calling Erdoy-an a "tin-pot dictator."