Tippling house

TIPPLING HOUSE. A place where spirituous liquors are sold and drunk in violation of law. Sometimes the mere selling is considered as evidence of keeping a tippling house.

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Where real ale and proper beer was once the preserve of old men in flat caps, niche bars such as 6 Degrees North, The Tippling House and Brewdog's own city centre premises have become the places to be seen by those in the know.
Aberdeen also has a great selection of bars and 99 Bar & Kitchen, Orchid and The Tippling House are well worth checking out.
The same ordinance contained a public morals sections related to open lewdness, houses of ill fame, consorting with lewd women, prostitutes, indecent exposure, gaming houses, night prowlers (peeping Toms), obscene literature and tippling houses (where drinks were served).
This scathing critique was recorded by officials f in 1580 who were keen to bring order and sobriety to the neighbourhood: "The exceeding number of ale houses and tippling houses within this town is thought not only to be a great nourishment of idleness, but also a great occasion to many other disorders and inconveniences.
Even Glamorgan Sheriff Nicholas Herbert of Cogan and his relative, William Herbert, of High Street, Cardiff, were seen cavorting with them "in taverns and tippling houses of Cardiff and Penarth".
She documents sexual trysts with soldiers, sailors, and immigrant labourers, who purchased a variety of services in fancy brothels in fashionable neighbourhoods, orchard meadows, unlicensed tippling houses, and the attics and cellars of uninhabitable, abandoned houses.