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The tumor cells often infiltrate large blood vessels, resulting in tissue necrosis and infarction, and histologically can resemble GPA.
Manifestations of Nicolau syndrome range from a sterile or purulent abscess to tissue necrosis [1-6].
Gross lesions were characterized by erythema, localized edema, fissures, tissue necrosis and crust formation with serous exudation.
The sudden reduction in visual acuity, eye cyanosis and discolouration present in this case are pathognomonic of ocular involvement of necrotizing fasciitis [2]and this was radiologically confirmed by features of retro-orbital tissue necrosis on CT scanning.
The development of significant tissue necrosis should be considered a rare complication of polidocanol injection for tendinosis.
2%) and soft tissue necrosis requiring surgical intervention (0.
If the diagnosis is missed or delayed, tissue necrosis and a diminished future fertility could ensue.
Some of the victims survive with permanent damage due to local tissue necrosis and sometimes suffer from psychological problems for a long time.
A soft, low-pressure balloon designed to aid easy insertion and removal and minimize the chance of tissue necrosis.
If the diagnosis is missed or delayed, tissue necrosis and adiminished future fertility could ensue.
In another study the effects of certain unusual gathering masses of epithelial cells were observed in gingival connective tissue that could be a sign of cell loss in these cells, it means that some of the secretary cells are voided from their original location and create certain pathological sight that is a sign of cell and tissue necrosis in gum tissue [4,14].
Causal theories for dystrophic calcinosis focus on soft tissue inflammation or injury that leads to tissue necrosis and alkaline phosphatase release by damaged lysozymes.