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In Western ecclesiastical law, the act of paying a percentage of one's income to further religious purposes. One of the political subdivisions of England that was composed of ten families who held freehold estates.

Residents of a tithing were joined in a society and bound to the king to maintain peaceful relations with each other. The person responsible for the administration of the tithing was called the tithing-man; he was a forerunner of the constable.

TITHING, Eng. law. Formerly a district containing ten men with their families. In each tithing there was a tithing man whose duty it was to keep the peace, as a constable now is bound to do. St. Armand, in his Historical Essay on the Legislative Power of England, p. 70, expresses, an opinion that the tithing was composed not of ten common families, but of ten families of lords of a manor.

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The total monthly expenses included church tithing payments of $2,110.
According to the popular version, the Siphnians began offering as their Delphic tithing not a solid gold egg, but a gold-plated one.
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9 percent of their after-tax incomes--nowhere near the mark of biblical mandates of tithing.
Tithing is the acknowledgment that all good things come from God and, ultimately, we are merely returning a small portion of what God has graciously given to us.
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firm that specializes in religious research, said among born-again adults, 14 percent reported tithing in 2001, but only 6 percent said they did so in 2002.
Tithing is similar to a flat tax with no deductions, where individuals voluntarily contribute 10% of self-defined income to the church.
Brannan was finally disfellowshipped from the faith in 1849, not for the theft of tithing monies but for "murder [i.