Title deeds

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TITLE DEEDS. Those deeds which are evidences of the title of the owner of an estate.
     2. The person who is entitled to the inheritance has a right to the possession of the title deeds. 1 arr. & Marsh. 653.

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citizens on top by (47) title deeds, followed by the Kuwaiti citizens by
Jonny Andersen, the KAA managing director, told the committee chaired by that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is holding the title deed for Ukunda airstrip following investigations into excision of airport land.
She claimed most people have taken advantage of lack of title deeds to encroach private lands.
In September however, the Larnaca district court upheld the 2015 law, allowing trapped property buyers to obtain their title deeds irrespective of the developers' own commitments to banks.
TABO's new app allows Palestinians from all over the world to be connected to Palestine's beautiful lands at the click of a button from their mobile phones whether simply to view a beautiful gallery of Palestine's nature, 3D panorama's or browse available title deed lands.
If such a unit for which no title deed is issued is to be mortgaged, the customer's lender will register its interest (as mortgagor) by filing a caveat form and paying the applicable fees to the Registrar.
If you own it, you could all give the property developer an easement -p- permission - in your title deeds to use the road for access to the flats for such sum you can agree between you.
Once a foreign citizen has decided to purchase a property, the title deed office will check if the property that is being purchased is in one of the forbidden zones or not.
The number of pending applications for title deeds is down to 20,000, according to the Land and Surveys Department and the aim is by the end of 2014 to have no more than 2,000 title deeds pending.
This law applies to all owners in Aldar Investment Zone properties and owners will be able to apply for freehold title deeds through the Municipality.
IN THE long- drawn battle with the Securities and Exchange Board of India ( Sebi), the Sahara Group has decided to submit new title deeds for properties worth ` 20,000 crore to the market regulator.