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And to round it off, they reduced the transfeminine universe to a pair of titties. The exhibitionism of the march reinforces their image as beings that are prone to nudity and concerned only with satisfying their sexual desires.
The character narrator plays around with the "meaning of the commodity," however, "From so much dressing and undressing, the black glitter wears off where her titties stick out.
Twenty year-old Joe Lon's state of suffocating anger and frustration derives in no mean part from his entrapment in a narrowly circumscribed, downward-bound world in which the enormous flaps of his wife's breasts contrast unfavourably with Berenice's "super-star titties" (Feast, 73), her lips clamped shut over a ruined mouth with Willard's "even, perfect teeth" (Feast, 22).
"I think whoever is in charge of publicity at various places are young men, and they think, 'Oh look, nuns and midwives',' and (elsewhere), 'Oh look, she's got lovely big titties and he's taking his shirt off', and they've got something to write about."
"Doesn't mean I don't want to see some titties before we turn in."
One such example was in the first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a show that airs on Fox, in which a character mentioned his old nickname was "Terry Titties." Brooklyn NineNine: Pilot (Fox television broadcast Sept.
Her song "Titties" is as hilarious as it is catchy, blending high and low with effortless verve.
Even in middle school, when the kids called her Titties because her chest had swelled more than any girl in the fifth grade, or later, when she used to pick up the erasers after lunch, and they'd walk by knocking them from her hands laughing, Mrs.
And I'd get backstage and the girls would be like, "Oh my God, where'd you get them titties?" and I'd be like, "These titties are real!" It was funny.
Try and ignore the somewhat sexist nature of the lyrics ("We got wenches on the benches and bitties with titties"); they were young and stupid, and boys will be boys, after all (think of Morsi meeting the Australian prime minister , for example).
So, look out for A Tale of Two Titties, The Old Man and the STD, Ride and Prejudice, Madame Ovary, The Lord of the Rings and Snatch-22.