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In spite of the rhetoric of privacy invoked here, "The Custom-House" not only trades in the public language of "record" and "account," but titularly proposes literature's simultaneity with civic productions.
With millions of dollars in state and federal funding at stake, the council is set to consider an ordinance today that would restore lobbying responsibility to Chief Legislative Analyst Ron Deaton, titularly the council's top bureaucrat but widely regarded as the most powerful figure in City Hall.
Under this suggestion, the election would have been titularly honoured, the military assuaged, and political stasis avoided and perhaps foreign aid and economic development furthered, governance liberalized, and the opposition allowed to organize for a new election.
Something very like this, however, occurs in William Blake's first book of poems, Poetical Sketches, in which seven poems merely named "Song" run one after another, broken only by the titularly related "Mad Song.
72) Two appointments had nonetheless been made, though titularly Agentes Comerciales for the time being.