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For instance, the investigations by Pandey, Rastagio (1979) showed, that toadyism of the person, whishing to get a job, increases, if the competition for the duties increases (Leary, Kowalski 1990).
I would encourage anyone who uses the city paths to complain to the city concerning the UO's assumption of privilege, and the toadyism practiced by the city of Eugene.
The power dynamics of the situation he describes go well beyond a simple split between rulers and ruled; toadyism is far from an apt description of the unnamed (and unsmiling) Iraqi officer's motives.
To reward a track record of unabashed toadyism, Ehud Olmert, was elevated to the presumably hollow role of deputy prime minister in 2003.
This alternative system is related to its official counterpart in complex and indeed contradictory ways: as mimicry (both toadyism and, well, "taking the Mick"), as parallel, tribute, appropriation, displacement, parody, mockery, subversion.
Now of course the whole Sartre axis down there in the Faubourg Plan Marshall has descended to the most sickening toadyism to the well-dressed well-fed drunken American fixers-up of Europe and their (if they aren't homosexual, which most of them are) cast-iron chromium-plated wives.
Perversely, the poem's cast of characters--"The proud in the possession of home, and a musician," "those self-wrought Midases of brains" with "fourteen-carat ignorance," and "the high priests of caste" who participate in "age-old toadyism, / kissing the feet of the man above, / kicking the face of the man below"--are more overburdened than the proverbial mule by the weightiness of their possessions and possessiveness.
The Minister for Justice (David Ryall) speaks boomingly of "an emerging democracy," but play inhabits a country rife with toadyism and corruption.