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New to this edition is discussion of neuroscience and brain research, assessment, a more extensive examination of toddlerhood, and 800 new research studies and articles.
2008) utilized measures based in the Rothbart tradition, these studies focused only on the first and fifth year of age, leaving critical gaps in the literature about temperament during toddlerhood of children born preterm.
By the time they reached toddlerhood, very preterm infants originally treated with higher oxygen levels continued to show benefits when compared to a group treated with lower oxygen levels, according to a follow-up study by a research network of the National Institutes of Health that confirms earlier network findings.
Written for a non-medical audience, Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome expertly breaks down language development, from infancy through toddlerhood.
Kindly but frankly, Warkentin told her that he and his wife--both church goers since toddlerhood, were "lost and intimidated" by the Anglican liturgy.
It incorporates the main site's content, which includes blogs, articles and advice from experienced mums, midwives and healthcare professionals, covering pregnancy through to toddlerhood.
The period from infancy through toddlerhood is an exciting but often overwhelming time for parents.
A new study uses the backdrop of routine childhood immunizations to explore the developmental immunotoxicity of PCBs and finds that higher PCB exposure in toddlerhood is associated with reduced antibodies against diphtheria and tetanus later in childhood [EHP 118(10):1434-1438; Heilmann et al.
Probably our first example of plans going awry happened somewhere between toddlerhood and kindergarten.
But the field is still in its toddlerhood, and today's truth can be tomorrow's mistake.
He not only raised her from toddlerhood, she explains, he saved her life.
Formed strongly during a baby's first week, these types of odor memories can influence behavior and become reactivated up to toddlerhood, suggests a team led by Benoist Schaal.