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TOFT. A place or piece of ground on which, a house formerly stood, which has been destroyed by accident or decay; it also signifies a messuage.

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Hemmingsen, CFO Jakob Staushol Engelstoft, Clerc and Toft.
It looked as though Scunthorpe skipper Palm Toft was going to win the thirteenth race, but he clipped the fence on the last lap and Lambert took full advantage of his mistake.
Erin Toft w7 sB The success for Toft sees her progress to a BMW Junior Golf Championship qualifier, in which she will battle it out for the right to play at the main event in Portugal.
One of several case studies Toft examines to test her hypothesis is the Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992).
Mr Toft was paid interest by Mrs Bassano for the first ten months of the loan but was not thereafter paid any further instalments of interest or capital.
The Aces did fashion a brief response with three successive race wins although Bees happily limited damage to just a 4-2 in Heat 11, the next heat being a cracker as Palm Toft overtook Howarth but Sarjeant raced back around Nathan Greaves on the line.
CAE USA is the prime contractor responsible for the design and manufacture of MH-60R TOFTs as well as MH-60R avionics maintenance trainers for the Navy.
Born in Bradford England, David Toft gained a degree in Education before going on to work in London and Warwickshire.
The nett prize was won by Toft in 80-16-64 with Lewis in second on 80-12-68.
Toft, who played at level two with Coventry before moving to Doncaster via Oyonnax, has opted to return to the Butts Park Arena, despite the fact Cov now play in National One.
Tickets are on sale in Toft House bar at pounds 10 which includes a glass of wine.
Professor Brian Toft was asked to investigate whether the poor performance of Scandinavian surgeons at the Weston treatment centre in Weston-Super-Mare led to more than 30 patients needing to have their knee replacement operations repeated.