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TOFT. A place or piece of ground on which, a house formerly stood, which has been destroyed by accident or decay; it also signifies a messuage.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Both riders were eventually able to walk from the track but Palm Toft was left with a very swollen ankle when he woke up the following morning: "I'm a bit battered and bruised and am still assessing the extent of the damage to my body," he reported.
King's Lynn 36: Erik Riss 9+1, Michael Palm Toft 6+1, Lewis Kerr 6+1, Ulrich Ostergaard 6, Robert Lambert 4, Craig
Individual Riders' scores: Redcar: Riss 14+1, Andersen 4+1, Palm Toft 10+1, Stewart 9+1, Wright 12, Woolley 0, Greaves 4+1 Newcastle: Worrall 5+1, Ostergaard 6+1, Bjerre 6+1, Wethers 3+1, Jorgensen 10, Clegg 6+2, Phillips 1+++
Individual Rides' Scores Berwick: Aaron Summers 8+2, Jye Etheridge 8+1, Kevin Doolan 11, Dany Gappmaier 4+2, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 7, Coty Garcia 3+1, Leon Flint 2+1 Redcar: Erik Riss 11+1, Kasper Andersen 5, Michael Palm Toft 7, Jordan Stewart 3, Charles Wright 12+1, Tom Woolley 0, Nathan Greaves 9+4
Now, the company's group management team will consist of Fredrik Gren, president and CEO; Daniel Warnholtz, deputy CEO and CFO; Ulla Tansen, head of Vardaga; Magnus Akerhielm, head of Nytida; Sandoy, head of Stendi; Toft, head of Altiden and Eva Domanders, head of Klara Kompetens.
PETERBOROUGH (43): Scott Nicholls 14, Michael Palm Toft 10, Paul Starke 9, Tom Bacon 6, Bradley Wilson-Dean 4, Emil Grondal 0, Simon Lambert 0.
And it was with the ball that Freckingham really came to the fore, removing Toft's top four and going onto return 6-42 from 15 overs.
In Securing the Peace: The Durable Settlement of Civil Wars, Toft opens the historical aperture beyond recent conclusions of internal conflicts and concludes that, while negotiated settlements have become popular because they are the quickest method of ending present bloodshed, negotiated settlements are also twice as likely to create future conflict.
Mr Toft was not told and did not know of the previous advance to Mrs Bassano of 50,000 [pounds sterling] by Peter Biddulph.
The visitors were already ten points to the good and Palm Toft had to ride well to split Garrity and Kenneth Hansen in the next - but home hopes of a Nicholls tactical ride success were thwarted by Fricke again in Heat 8.
Vemmelund, Rauschenberg, Laxdal, Arnason, Johannsson, Praest, Bjorgvinsson (Palsson 105), Punyed, Finsen, Gunnarson (Toft 25), Toft (Aegisson 107) .
Sune Toft of the Dark Cosmology Center at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, who is the leader of this study, said that they at last show how these compact galaxies can form, how it happened, and when it happened.