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TURNPIKE. A public road paved with stones or other hard substance.
     2. Turnpike roads are usually made by corporations to which a power to make them has been granted. The grant of such power passes not only an easement for the road itself, but also so much land as is connected with it; as, for instance, for a toll house and a cellar under it, and a well for the use of the family. 9 Pick. R. 109. A turnpike is a public highway, and a building erected before the turnpike was made, though upon a part out of the travelled path, if continued there is a nuisance. 16 Pick. R. 175. Vide Road; Street; Way.

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The completion of Pandaan-Malang toll road will accelerate the distribution flow of goods and services, as well as improve the economy in East Java,' Dwimawan added.
A faster and more seamless travel experience can be expected by motorists using the countrys toll roads after the Toll Collection Interoperability Agreement is signed by all concerned stakeholders this month.
The estimate, a small dropoff from the findings of a preliminary report, fueled conversation at a Senate Transportation Committee hearing Wednesday called to look at the department's progress in calculating the cost of eliminating toll roads across the state.
IFM said that the ITRCC is required to operate the toll road under a lease agreement that was signed in 2006, and has the exclusive right to collect toll revenues through the term of the agreement, which has a remaining life of 66 years.
In Bali there is Nusa Dua--Ngurah Rai--Benoa (Bali Mandara) toll road and in Sulawesi there is city toll road in Makassar.
In the field of environmental conservation, Jasa Marga has performed the activity of toll road afforestation as one of the efforts to mitigate the effects of environmental change.
Colin Leighfield, chair of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce transport group, said: "This is an important and long-overdue first step in maximising the potential of the toll road which is one of our region's most under used assets.
The ratings are constrained by Road King's position as a small player in the highly volatile and cyclical Chinese property sector, which contributes a larger part to its asset value and operating cash flow than the toll roads business, Fitch said.
Sue Arnold, chairman, said: "Professional services firms including the accounting, legal and marketing sectors in southern Staffordshire are delighted with the toll road itself and the new developments that it has attracted into the area.
In 2004, Austin residents heard rumblings of plans for converting local roads, enjoyed by drivers for years as free ones, to toll roads.
Most of those using the toll road and about a third of those still driving on the M6 said the flow of traffic had been improved.
It would be the UK's second toll motorway, following the opening of the M6 toll road near Birmingham.