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A sum of money paid for the right to use a road, highway, or bridge. To postpone or suspend. For example, to toll a Statute of Limitations means to postpone the running of the time period it specifies.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


v. 1) to delay, suspend or hold off the effect of a statute. Examples: a minor is injured in an accident when he is 14 years old, and the state law (statute of limitations) allows a person hurt by negligence two years to file suit for damages. But for a minor the statute is "tolled" until he/she becomes 18 and decides whether or not to sue. Thus the minor has two years after 18 to file suit. State law allows 10 years to collect a judgment, but if the judgment debtor (party who owes the judgment amount) leaves the state the time is "tolled," so the judgment creditor (party to whom judgment is owed) will have extra time to enforce the judgment equal to the time the debtor was out of state. 2) a charge to pass over land, use a toll road or turnpike, cross a bridge, or take passage on a ferry.

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TOLL, contracts. A sum of money for the use of something, generally applied to the consideration which is paid for the use of a road, bridge, or the like, of a public nature. Toll is also the compensation paid to a miller for grinding another person's grain.
     2. The rate of taking toll for grinding is regulated by statute in most of the states. See 2 Hill. Ab. oh. 17; 6 Ad. & Ell. N. S. 31,; 6 Q. B. 3 1.

TO TOLL, estates, rights. To bar, defeat, or take away; as to toll an entry into lands, is to deny. or take away the right of entry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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